Image transfer to microfilm is done over 30“ 10 Mpx monitor with chystal clear image. The system can accept over 90 image format types b/w, greyscale or color with respectable production speed—around 40 min sor 30.5 m 16 mm roll or 25 min for 35 mm 30. 5 m roll. Indus microfilm writer can work with 30.5 and 66  rolls.



MICROBOX ImageCOM response over high capacity of 300 Mpx (Megapixels)what allowes the resolution of 12.000 dpi on standard 35 mm frame. This technology brings exreme image quality especially important for large document formats or more images (up to 64 A4 pages) on one standard 35 mm image area.

ZEUTSCHEL OP600/OP700 can work with 16 and 35 mm microfilm including 30.5, 40, 66, 300 i 600 m rolls where it represents high capacity production system with high image quaity (133 Mpx OP600 and 233 Mpx OP700) that can accept and transfer to microfilm all standard imaging formats.