maXImum iNnOvation

XINO scanning system will answer to highest demands counting productivity and result quality.

Unique paper transport with iron balls for efficient and tender transport of all kind of paper originals. Yes, this is the scanner with iron balls.

Trinilenar CCD cameras and Rodenstock lenses will see to the Best Image Quality—black&white, greyscale or color including multistream scanning.

Sophysticated sensor system and intelligent automation follow the scanning process from batch feeder to the export —images and data in programmable custom format. Entire content in process is encrypted and protected from any intervention outside instead of actions allowed over application interface. The system will deliver valid digital document format where we can include digital signature as well.

Software for scanning and input management—XINO Capture / DPU Scan is open and detailed documented programmable system for image processing, barcode, marks and character recognition, data entry dialogs, process automation and many more. The system can be aplied as server system in complex network configuration where we can manage entire process from one administration point.

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